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New Brunswick Invasives - You can help!

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For more than a century anglers have considered it normal to drop the species they want to fish in new waters. European Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Chain Pickerel - they have all been added to our lakes and rivers. We now realize the cost to all of us is high.

Learn how to identify each of the major invasive species of concern in our streams, lakes and rivers. Then report sightings immediately to authorities.


Each species has its own impacts, and in differing parts of the province. Smallmouth bass are a great hazard in the Miramichi at this time. Chain Pickerel may be a major issue in the Magaguadavic system. And both Rainbow Trout and Farmed Atlantic salmon are entering rivers that exit to the Bay of Fundy.

Check out the species in the navigation bar at left - and click on the species of interest


The Bottom Line

At one time Maine aquaculture allowed European genetic material to be imported and to be used in the farmed salmon industry. Farmed salmon with these European genes escaped, and the DNA has been found in salmon of the Magaguadavic River, the Upper Salmon (Alma) River, and perhaps in others. The impact on these critically low wild Atlantic salmon populations is incalculable.

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